Saturday, September 22, 2012


I was trying to think of a clever name for the title of this post, but due to a recent bout of cognitive ineptitude, all I could come up with was 'Busty Busan'. This in no way is an accurate description of either the city or of my trip, so I hastily decided it was in everyone's best interests to retire my ambitions, and settle on a straightforward, if dull, title instead.

This post has been delayed in its writing because last Sunday, when I arrived back in Jecheon and intended to write this post, found me tired and unable or unwilling to harness any of the creative energy necessary to make my blog worth reading.

Caught a cab with Anna and Tom at about 7 a.m. and dragged myself onto the bus. I fell asleep, and woke up to the bus driver zipping around the crowded streets like the conductor of the Knight Bus.

We switched from bus to train which was a much smoother ride, and about two hours later arrived in Busan. Now if you don't know Busan, it's quite a famous city. It's on the water so there's a bit of a beach, and there are a lot of restaurants, busy streets, etc.

We were going on a scavenger hunt throughout the city with a couple hundred other foreigners. We met at a crowded bar, played a game of flip cup to get our starting package, and were off.

Most of the tasks involved having to talk to strangers. Requests for assistance with these tasks was met with a variety of reactions, the frontrunners of which were apprehension and enthusiasm (typically by old people and young people respectively).

Below are some of the fruits of our labor, with description of challenge as caption...

"Photo of team member on the back of a stranger's motorcyle"

Notice they didn't say there had to be a stranger on it too.

"Photo of team member high-fiving a statue/instructional sign/thing"

"Recreate the Last Supper including at least four strangers"

I'm Thomas, if anyone is wondering.

"Fit your whole team into as weird or as small a place as you can"

This is a shower stall that you use to rinse off after going in the ocean.

"Get a reflection of yourselves in something other than a mirror"

Human pyramid

"Feed ice cream to a Baskin Robbins employee"

"Get a photo of the entire team in ajumma hats/visors"

"Make arm-hearts behind a hugging couple"

"Photobomb a stranger's photo"

"Reenact the opening scene from the Lion King with a stranger"

We figured no one would go for us using their infant child so we went for a dog instead.

Reenact the photo on the left as best you can. This was a bonus challenge and we (Cameron) won first place in the category for it!!


It was great fun. Here are some other photos from the day -

I've been swimming on both sides of the Atlantic, and one side of the Pacific now :-) 

Kaasa with half of a cute Chinese couple in each pic. :-)

We hunted from approximately 1 pm until 7 pm, at which point we were exhausted. Some members of our group had foolishly stayed out late the night before (of which I was maybe definitely not one maybe) so those members were extra tired. So we went to a DVD bang which is basically where you can rent a room to watch a movie. They've got couches in, and you can bring food or drinks or whatever. It was like fifteen bucks and we watched Alien, the only type of scary movie I can manage.

At eleven PM the winners were announced. The place was so small and so crowded I couldn't hear a thing the announcer was saying...but apparently we won the Tom Selleck lookalike pic. Well, I can't exactly take credit for that, it was Cameron's uncanny similarity to him that did it...and our team's creativity!

All in all, even though the weather was miserable, it was a good time. Lots of fun memories and entertaining pictures.

Comments always encouraged. Hope you had a great week! More soon on today's paragliding adventure.


  1. That looks like so much fun. Glad the strangers were all so nice and friendly!

  2. this made me crack up SO bad!! especially the tom selleck pic!! wow, what an EPIC scavenger hunt. those are super creative and really embarrassing things LOL!! it looked like an absolute blast. =)


  3. p.s. the knight bus HAHAHAHAHA!!!! do i ever know what you're talking about. =)